Hello Traders! BTTFX welcomes you to our proprietary trading firm rules and guidelines. Please make sure you read through all our rules to ensure our program is a good fit for you.  

Our rules are set for two reasons: it will result in our traders creating/following a trading plan and to ensure our proprietary trading firm is scouting real talent. They are there to help you not hurt you in your trading career. 

 Here is a breakdown of how all our rules and guidelines work:

Number of trading days:

During our challenge our traders are required a minimum of 10 trading days in order to provide our risk team with proper data to analyze your trading strategy in depth.

During Phase 1 & 2, there is a 10 trading days minimum requirement that must be met. If the trader hits their profit target within 5 trading days, it does not mean they may take micro lot sizes the remaining 5 trading days in order to pass the challenge. We will allow traders to reduce position sizing to reduce risk, however, it must be within reason of their average position sizing they placed during the challenge (Minimum 30% of the average lot taken)

Example: Average lot size traded during challenge 1.00 standard lot -> positions must be no lower than .30 after passing.

Profit Target

Phase 1: 8% 

Phase 2: 4%

Max Daily Loss (5%) or 50% Profitable Days:

Depending on which route our BTTFX Trader chooses there will either be a max daily loss of 5% based off the starting balance of the account each day or 50% profitable days rule on the account.

Profitable Days Example:

Trader completes profit target in 10 trading days (minimum amount), Trader must finish 5 of the 10 days in closed profit (open floating dd is okay!). Equaling to 50% of the days finishing profitable. If the trader takes 20 days to hit profit target then 10 must be closed in profit. 

On live accounts there is only a 5% daily DD review, what this means is if your account hits 5% daily DD our risk team will analyze your progress on the live account so far. If risk was managed poorly you can lose the account, however, if this was just a rare occurrence and risk was managed properly, the risk team may allow you to keep your account. Showing that once you earn a live account with us we want to put you in the best position to succeed and we know that accidents may happen, it’s trading!

Max Loss:

During our BTTFX Funding challenge there will be a max loss limit in place at 10% drawdown. This is to protect not only your trading but our firm’s capital, we are looking for traders that are well with mitigating their risk.

As your account grows you may use the profit in your account as a buffer on top of the 10% max loss (based off initial balance).

 Example: 100k account – current open/closed profit is 8k

Max loss is 100k*10% = 10k+8k (current profit) = 18k 

In simple terms:

100k account – can never go below 90k equity

200k account – can never go below 180k equity

400k account – can never go below 360k equity

1M account – can never go below 900k equity

Risk Parameters:

Our number one priority is to help our clients trade with funded capital, however, risk management is extremely important. BTTFX Funding understands that many Forex traders will over leverage which results in poor performance. 

All our accounts have a set leverage of 1:200 and is not negotiable. 

There is no lot cap on our aggressive challenge accounts anymore!

There is absolutely NO Martingale (cost averaging) or grid strategies allowed. 

Stacking and hedging are allowed

Trading Styles:

BTTFX Funding allows all types of trading styles on our platform and encourages traders of all styles to participate in our challenge. Our true ECN broker with raw spreads accommodates scalpers all the way up to swing traders with our open guidelines on holding trades over the weekend.

The only exception we have is on EA’s is we do not allow any arbitrage, martingale, or grid strategy. 

All other types of EA’s are accepted.

We have a strict no trade copying policy from one BTTFX account to another. Also there is absolutely no group trade copying, group EA usage, or group signal rooms. If you are caught violating this your challenge will be terminated with no refund. Our backers are looking to fund individual talent.

In addition, traders are expected to trade consistently during their challenge in order to prove to our backers consistency. 

For example: If you hit profit target in two days by trading aggressively with a 50 lot position (good risk management), then we would like you to continue trading the remainder of the trading days with at least 30% of the same position sizing. We do not allow traders to make micro lots once challenge is passed just to complete trading days.

Trading Options:

BTTFX allows trading on all Forex pairs (Major, minor, crosses), Gold, Silver,  indices (US30, SPX500, NAS100, GER30, UK100, FRA40), crypto pairs (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD & DASHUSD), and stocks. 

Commissions are higher than normal on Crypto pairs, trade at your own risk. 


You are not reliable for any losses on our challenge or live (funded) accounts.

Adding Funds:

You are not allowed to add funds to your account at any time.

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